Without My Hero
Without My Hero

Beauty & the Magus

This trailer parody was made in 2018, intended as a creative mashup between the Disney 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast with an anime with an eerily similar plot, The Ancient Magus' Bride. It has gone through lots of critique and iterations from other editors and colleagues before reaching completion, similar to the design process.

I chose this as a portfolio entry because of some copyright issues after this project became public. I have gotten multiple copyright infringement warnings, and this video is blocked in several countries. Yet, I am not the only one who has had a run-in with these copyright legal issues. Remix creators from all around deal with this problem the worst punishment as cease and desist orders.

The issue is understandably conflicting. An argument could be made that the material was manipulated enough that the work itself becomes transformative. In fact, this "non-profit" work may benefit the promotion of the content for audiences to become more interested in the source material. On the other hand, the source has been used without permission, and such actions can be interpreted as breaking copyright infringement laws. While fair use can be argued for, this outlook of total ownership over a single creation or product has led plenty of creators down unwanted and expensive legal disputes. The video below is a part of a special documentary series that talks about part of the AMV/remix culture and the issues that arise with copyright laws in the modern digital age.

Like many other creators out there, I use this activity to further improve my own skills in design and share something that can make others smile and laugh. So my goal here is to open the discussion about this controversy. There has just been no attempt to address the fine line between copyright infringement and fair use for remix creators. To this day, these laws continue to try stomping out these artists and hold them criminally responsible for content theft.

For this project, the intended audience was directed to the general public -- both for those who love Disney stories and those who love anime. I also want to bring awareness to this gray area of copyright laws, open the discussion on what we could do. In the digital age, this outdated way of product ownership may staunch further creativity and innovation.

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