As part of improving personal skill, I edit animated music videos (AMVs), where I combine different visual and audio from various sources into a transformative creation. While these are side projects, these are also creative passion projects that I am very proud of. Through this activity, I develop lots of skills and techniques I tend to use in my design. Click each entry below to see my Artist Statement and Processes on a few of my projects. Explore my Youtube channel to see the other works that I have done over the years.


Visual Source: Sailor Moon (1992), Sailor Moon S The Movie, Sailor Moon R The Movie, Sailor Moon Crystal (Season 1-3)

Audio Source: Without You by Avicii


  • Zenkaikon 2019 Finalist


Visual Source: The Ancient Magus' Bride

Audio Source: Beauty and the Beast (2019) Trailer


  • Agama Con 2018 [Best Trailer]

  • Anime Detour 2018 [Best Trailer]

  • Tekko in Wonderland 2018 [Best Convention Theme]

  • Anime Mid-Atlantic 2018 [Coordinator’s Choice Winner]


Visual Source: My Hero Academia (Seasons 1-3)

Audio Source: Without You by Avicii