DIVE, which stands for Designing an Interactive Vitural-concert Experience, is our team's final capstone project for the Interactive Media Design program at the University of Washington Bothell.

Role: UX/UI Designer, UX/UI Writer, Videographer

Responsibilities: Ideation, Research, Wireframing, Prototyping



Our goal is to research and design a live stream concert experience in an interactive platform designed specifically for an artist’s performance. To also promote local artists, we partnered with Seattle musician Chong the Nomad as our model artist.


During the pandemic, the music industry has begun to explore live stream performances to reach out to audiences without physical interaction. However, live streams are still not as popular as their live counterparts. We wanted to understand how users interacted with live streams and how this might change the future of live music after the pandemic.


Persona and Scenario Development


User tests

Visual and user interfaces

Prototyping and Testing via Figma & GameMaker


At the start of this pandemic, the music industry has taken steps to move all performances online. However, despite the attempt to recreate a magical evening spent with your favorite artist, the cons for live streams vs. in-person makes the former not as popular and cannot make up the loss suffered by an industry worth $20 billion in 2019. Our team's mission was to discover what makes live stream experiences so extraordinary and how we can find a balance between a seamless online experience and maintaining an emotional connection between the artist and their audience.

In this project, my role was UX/UI Designer, in which I was responsible for assisting throughout the project research phase, and then creating the Figma Prototype of what our final product would look like.


Customized Experience

Enjoy live music in a custom-made environment designed after the artist's branding

The artist, as our client, will work with the team to design a virtual environment that fits their style and theme of the live event.



Chat with the Artist and other attendees during concert.


Users can also participate in artist-generated survey for different purposes throughout the concert (i.e. pick the next song).



Create collaborative art with fellow concert attendees

Users will appear as visual representations specifically designed for the artist on the page that interacts with other attendees in a virtual experience, and will adapt to how users act, how the artist acts, and how the music sounds.

Project Process


Mind Map

Dive Mind Map #2.png

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Mood Board

This mood board was used to inspire the visual design of this version of the DIVE platform, which we customized to Chong the Nomad's brand. Our team met up with the artist and her producer multiple times over the course of the project to collaborate on how her visuals should look for such a platform.

DIVE Mood Board - Chong the Nomad.png

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Competitive Analysis



Our personas represented the people who would have the highest stakes in an interactive live stream concert -- mainly the music industry and their audiences. The following personas allowed us to explore different types of needs that such users might need and further refine the design of the high fidelity prototype.

General Audience




Information Architecture

DIVE User Flow.png

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Usability Testing