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Low Fidelity Prototype

Inspired by the efforts to help spread healthcare services to more rural areas of the world, Medortal is a website design for an online portal that would allow patients to communicate with their doctors via webcam appointments. From September to December 2019, I worked with a team to research the potential users, organize information architecture, and create a high-fidelity prototype of the website using Adobe XD.


People tend to avoid regular doctor appointments because the inconvenience of the visits outweighs the benefits of going through the trouble.


Our hope was to address the issue above through the purposeful design of our website, allowing people to see their doctor without having to travel too far from home for a simple appointment. We conducted surveys with our class to get an overall idea of what our audience would look like. Our data collection below shows that people generally don't go to the doctor, and only in some painful situations will some finally relent to go.


What is wrong with now?


Issues with current online doctor appointment systems:​

  • Long wait

  • Impersonal (doesn't care)

  • Insistence on facility usage

    • Travel and Time consuming (if no nearby healthcare facility)


What is our Goal?


Ease the inconveniences of using an online doctors website, make it more accessible to co with personal physician, especially for those who do not easily have access to medical care, by using our online scheduling system.


Name: Vickie
Age: 36
Occupation: Lawyer
Relationship status: Single

Vickie just got sicker this weekend (from her rash) and wants to see her doctor but she can’t because she is on a business trip in Alaska. She wants to know what’s wrong with her, what if she got sick from something only she might have picked up from another business trip to China. She is a techie so she is very familiar with modern technology and using the internet to understand the world around her. She uses this website to send a message to her doctor and gets a reply as soon as the next morning.

Name: Mary
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Relationship status: Boyfriend

Mary is a homeschooled student who lives on a farm in rural Washington 3 hours away from Seattle. There is a very small town nearby, with a gas station, grocery store(that also has a pharmacy), and a small clinic. Visits Seattle once every 6 months or so, and has a primary doctor at a hospital there. She has severe anxiety and has been referred to a psychologist, but cannot go through with treatment due to the frequency of required consultations. She has access to the internet and is pretty open to new technology, and is able to figure out most new software and websites on her own.

Name: Ed
Age: 70
Occupation: Retired Engineer
Relationship Status: Widowed, Lives with daughter

Ed cannot leave the house regularly because of a surgery that does not allow him to walk without assistance while it heals. He lives with his daughter, Cici, who works often and she can’t always take him to the doctor, as they live about an hour away from the hospital that he got his surgery from. He is alone most of the time and often needs to check in with his doctor after surgery. He has some experience with technology and would be able to have a video conference if someone sets it up for him beforehand.




The wireframe sketch shows how the website might look once implemented. Here, we can see the sketches of the login and signup pages, as well as the user's main dashboard. Click on the image to expand and see in full detail.

User Flow

As we discussed the items that should be in our website, we also had to figure out the best setup of how the website flow. Below is the user flow I created for the website experience, from the login in page to the appointment confirmation page.


Final Prototype


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