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Web Redesign Project

A web redesign project for a site with the intention to be the home of AMVs, also known as anime music videos. As lead product designer, I am giving the whole site an entire design overhaul of its user interface.

Current Website


My Role



Developed in the 1990s-early 2000s, the site does not follow WCAG guidelines on web development standards.

Lead Product Desginer

UX Designer

UI Designer

Adobe CC


Google Forms



Jan 2023 - Present



Design Process

Exploring the Problem


The current site does not have good visibility for button selections. Users can't see if their selection will be confirmed. 


Recommendation: Highlight hover interactions by changing the colors to indicate which page the user intends to navigate to.

Recommendation: Redesign the user interface to fully utilize the browser space using minimalist designs, regardless of the device. Develop a dark mode color palette so users have the option of using dark mode.

The site is not browser-responsive, making it incompatible across multiple devices. It also does not allow for personalization of light vs dark modes for users who prefer reduced blue light.

Users have limited options once their video is uploaded into the system. However, freely deleting the videos has proven to be a risk, especially for those who want to archive their works without losing them forever.

User Control

The navigation is clunky, overwhelming, and many of the functions are not used. The navigation titles are also confusing for new members as well.


Recommendation: Allow users more freedom while making admin requests for deleting videos easier. Using systems like Google Forms, users can make deletion requests to the admins easier, while also taking time to state why they want to make that choice.

Recommendation: Simplify the navigation to systems used most by users and needed most for site maintenance.


Competitive Analaysis

A compeititve analysis shows that the site is missing many core features that modern video-streaming websites boasts, making more users prefering to use these sites over the AMV site.

Key Takeaways
  • The current method of uploading videos to the site is too complicated (uses FTP upload, rather than browser upload). We need to make this method easier for users.

  • Allowing more user freedom while maintaining the core features of the site is important

  • The site aesthetics need an update so users find it easier to understand and navigate without a user manual or help from admins.

  • The search function needs to be less complicated for users to use.


Personas/Targeted Audience
User Flow


To address the most problematic pain points mentioned in the heuristic review, these were the solutions I prioritized in designing.

#1: Visibility of System Status

As of the current site, it is difficult for users to see where they are or how their selections on the site are confirmed. Using Figma, I redesigned the navigation menu and added iteractions that would allow users to easily see where they are and confirm their navigation selections. 

Current Navigation
Figma Design
#8: Aesthetics & Minimalist Design

The current site does not offer user customization, and many users prefer to use the site at night, as editing is their pastime hobby outside of their day jobs. To address this issue, I developed two color palettes to allow users to customize their view of the site from light to dark mode, especially for those who want to reduce blue light glare. As of now, these color palettes have not been applied to the current prototype.

Light Mode
Dark Mode
Other Features Include:
2-Step Browser Upload
New Guides Interface
New Homepage
Simpler User Profile
Notification Update
Guides Sort Function
Simplified Search Function
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